PowerDFI enables you to leverage your digital and Physical assets via the blockchain.

PowerDFI Utilizes smart contracts via the blockchain to make the staking of physical assets possible.

PowerDFI not only tokenizes assets but also instantly enables utility of tokenized assets by collateralizing or securitizing to streamline the lending process or smoothen staking a physical asset.

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What to expect from the PowerDFI platform


PowerDFI allows you to leverage your physical assets via smart contracts in meeting urgent financing needs. The lending process is streamlined on the blockchain, and loan disbursement occurs in record time via stable coins or other cryptocurrencies.


Idle physical and digital assets can be locked in the PowerDFI vault for an agreed period in order to earn returns from such assets.


Users can tap into the benefits of joining our digital Mining pools with to earn passive income. Our focus is on Proof of Stake protocols and other sustainable models being used to harness the blockchain.



PowerDFI is structured in such a way that makes the processes of tokenization smooth and easy.


PowerDFI uses military-grade technology to secure assets in its vault.


The PDFI token would enable exposure to the secured asset base of the PowerDFI platform.

How it will work

Verify Your Identity

Complete a simple KYC process to verify your identity

Upload Ownership Information

Upload details that show ownership of the tokenized asset to facilitate offline verification ad contractual processes.

Start Financing

A smart contract is created which shows all the details of the financing process on the blockchain. Disbursement and payment wallets are also part of this smart contract, further solidifying the process.

Growth Roadmap


The Future of Staking, Loans, Mining and Collateralizing

Meet our core team

At PowerDfi we've curated a team of experts and industry leader, who will head and facilitate our goals & Objectives.

Tim Webb
Founder PowerDfi
Chiagozie Iwu
Head of Blockchain and Financial Engineering
Dr. Reginald Parker Phd.
CTO & Co-Founder
Steven White

Meet Our Advisors

Christopher Green
Investor & Advisor
Ray O'neal, Phd.
Courtney Vaughan
Johnnie J. Refvik
Chad Artiaga

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PowerDfi is the preferred arena for collateralizing physical assets via the blockchain.