What to expect from the PowerDfi Platform

Features of the PowerDfi Platform


The PowerDfi platform is structured in such a way to make tokenization, staking, and lending smooth and easy. Our platform is very intuitive, even for ordinary non-savvy tech users.


PowerDfi deploys military-grade security architecture to secure assets in its vault. As well as conforming to industry standard security practices like dynamic security updates, ssl certificate generation for external APIs, real time metrics monitoring, role based access controls and multifactor authentication across our infrastructures.


Unlock instant value from your physical assets by tokenizing and liquidating a fraction to raise instant capital utilizing our infrastructure. Through tokenization, we convert (tangible and intangible) assets to manageable, digitally traceable tokens. With each token representing a fractional ownership of the asset. PDFI token gives our esteem users exposure to the asset base of the PowerDfi ecosystem. As well as abide by the ethos of tokenization like decentralization, scalability and security.

We are Growing and Scaling in a Sustainable Manner

We have sustainability and carbon reduction at the core of our infrastructure, this is why we are adopting green energy in the most efficient way possible.


Blockchain infrastructure that truly scales and is powered by green energy.

100 MW

Green powered blockchain data centers projected to be built by 2023.


in asset holding value projected by 2023.

Let’s Get Started


You can sign in and create your own account with enriched features like Two-factor authentication once you log in.

Verify your identity

Complete a simple KYC process to verify your identity.

Upload ownership information

Upload details that show ownership of the tokenized asset to facilitate offline verification and contractual processes.

Start Financing

A smart contract is created which shows all the details of the financing process on the blockchain. Disbursement and payment wallets are also part of this smart contract, further solidifying the process.

Growth RoadMap

  1. Break ground on data centers in IOWA

    Launch of the PowerDfi platform.

    Trading of PowerDfi token begins on selected exchange.

  2. Set up 100MW in blockchain data centers and expand assets holding to $400M

  3. Have $1 Billion in assets under management and launch Phase 1 of the 1 GW of blockchain data centers.

  4. Launch Phase 2 of the 1 GW of blockchain data centers and expand to $2 Billion in assets under management.


Over the years, right from our inception. We’ve set goals and milestones, achieving them in a sustainable way.

  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020

Investment Risk Trust LLC (IRT) subsidairy was established, future subsidairy of Power Corp Holdings Limited (Hong Kong) subsidiary.

Power Corp Holdings Limited (PC) was established in Hong Kong. Power Corp Holdings Limited acquired Solar Noir (strategic renewable energy projects and land) with its tokens.

Power Corp Holdings Limited completed google for startups supported by founder's gym cohort 6. Power Corp Holdings Limited acquired 4XP world including its foreign exchange Machine Learning technology with its token.

Power Corp Holdings Limited develops PowerDfi token model (PDFI Token).

Meet our Core Team

Meet Our Advisors

Our Mission at PowerDfi

We aim to solve the problem of shadow banking, by bringing financial inclusion to everyone without the need for intermediaries to complete transactions.

At PowerDfi we are Leveraging the blockchain to adopt protocols like ERC 721 to create smart contracts which will be the very engine of our financial inclusion drive.

Our drive is to eliminate middlemen and create a system that you can trust, which will bring about a more transparent, fair and ethical financial process for everyone.

We are the FUTURE of financing! and the future is now.

GTM channels and strategic partnerships

PowerDfi Acquires Naijacrypto Exchange!

We recently acquired naijacrypto exchange to help us deepen our drive to make financial opportunities available to everyone. Click the button below to view our press release.

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